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Loft Conversions in Oxford

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Loft Conversions

By converting your loft we can create extra rooms for whatever purpose you wish, once completed they will feel like they were part of the original house and you don’t have to steal any valuable space from your garden!


Property Refurbishment

Refurbishment to any room will improve its look and make it feel fresher!  Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of turning your room into a kitchen-diner or installing a new bathroom?



By extending your home we create more space for you to use as you wish, it could be extra room for your shoes, somewhere for the kids to play, that bigger kitchen you’ve always wanted or that extra bedroom for your growing family.

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That's what our clients in Oxford said about our service.  Fancy an "easy" building experience? Drop us an email today! We are currently taking bookings for loft conversions for November 2022.

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Different types of loft conversion

The best design for your loft conversion to match your home and your requirements will be decided between yourself and the architect. 


Dormer Conversion

The most common type of loft conversion is a dormer conversion.  A dormer (dorma) conversions is an extension to your existing roof that sits vertically to a sloping roof.  By adding a dormer to your loft you will be adding additional space, head room and character.


Hip to Gable Conversion

Many houses that have hip roofs tend to have fairly small loft spaces, so for a conversion to be practical a hip to gable conversion is normally the best solution.  This type of conversion involves changing the hipped roof (the sloping side of the roof) to a flat gable end.  By doing this you are creating a much larger loft space.


Adding Velux windows

Another feature that is recommended and often used in loft conversions is VELUX windows, or roof lights. Velux are the leading manufacturer of roof windows/lights with over 60 years of experience.  Velux windows are available in a range of sizes to suit personal requirements, and can be used as an addition to a dormer or instead where sufficient head room is available sitting flush with the roof line.